Talor Zamir Says: Fake It Till You Make It – Only You’re Not Really Faking…

A response I often hear from people new to personal development is: “I feel like I’m faking it”. When you hear this response, you know that the person is still “living in the past”. They think that just because they weren’t a positive person in the past, that means they’re lying when they say their positive affirmations and when they are thinking of themselves as a positive person right now. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

For example – lets say that you want to create more wealth in your life, and you have a positive affirmation about how wealthy you are and how much money you make. Someone might say to themselves – I feel like I’m lying – because if you look at my bank account, it’s showing that I’m not wealthy.

Think about this…

Just because you were broke yesterday – doesn’t mean that starting from right now – in this very moment… you can’t make a decision and decide that you are a Millionaire – And if you make $100K in the next month then you will be on pace to be a Millionaire this year and you wouldn’t really be lying then would you?

Remember – just because you didn’t make a lot of money in the past, doesn’t mean that starting right now, in this moment, you can’t make a decision that from now on, moving forward, you are going to make a lot of money.

Every Millionaire had to start somewhere… and they were all Millionaires in their mind way before their bank account showed it.

(And money is just one example)

Make a decision right now about who you want to be. Then act like that person… Think like that person… BE THAT PERSON.

Anyone that tells you that you’re faking it is wrong! You are NOT faking it… Rather you’ve made a decision that you’re past is in your past… and that starting from right now going forward YOU ARE THAT PERSON that you want to be. That is true for you starting right now, and the sooner you believe it, the sooner you’ll see it… (more on that coming up soon)

– Talor Zamir

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